Funders and Sponsors

If your organization funds employment-related services being provided by any of the following types of organizations or programs, using the ERS can provide you with real-time program evaluation data:

  • Employment services agencies (government, private sector, community-based)
  • Agencies assisting persons with disabilities
  • Vocational rehabilitation programs
  • Agencies assisting new immigrants
  • Employment services for Indigenous or native populations
  • Community colleges providing training or co-op programs
  • University students in transition to the workforce
  • University adult education programs
  • Apprenticeship and work experience programs
  • Transition programs for displaced workers
  • Secondary school career guidance/development programs
  • Youth programs, including incarcerated youth
  • Prison systems with inmates transitioning to work
  • Military bases with service personnel transitioning to civilian life

As a licensed Sponsor, you will be able to get the following reports for each organization or program you fund or aggregated across all users being served:

  • Who Are Our Clients? – Provides demographic information on users.
  • Where Are Our Clients Starting From? – Provides a summary of client needs.
  • What Challenges Are Our Clients Facing? – Lists the percent of clients reporting the top five challenges.
  • How Have Our Clients Changed? – Provides the percent of clients becoming “employment ready.”
  • How Effective Are Interventions? – Provides program evaluation data for specific interventions.

You can also get the same reports in a format that compares categories of organizations that you fund, simply by coding those organizations in ways that are meaningful to you (e.g., geographic region, rural versus urban, program type, etc.).

Additional information is available in the following downloadable documents by clicking on the relevant flag:

  • Background Information on the ERS
    •   ERS Background           
  • Definitions and Factors in the Employment Readiness Model™
    •   ERS Definitions and Factors           
  • Business Case for Sponsors Funding the ERS
    •   Business Case for Sponsors            

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