The ERS is designed for use in contexts such as the following:

  • Employment services agencies (government, private sector, community-based)
  • Agencies assisting persons with disabilities
  • Vocational rehabilitation programs
  • Agencies assisting new immigrants
  • Community colleges providing training or co-op programs
  • University students in transition to the workforce
  • University adult education programs
  • Apprenticeship and work experience programs
  • Transition programs for displaced workers
  • Secondary school career guidance/development programs
  • Youth programs, including incarcerated youth
  • Prison systems with inmates transitioning to work
  • Military bases with service personnel transitioning to civilian life

In addition to providing feedback for individual users, the ERS also automatically compiles a series of roll-up or aggregate reports once at least 10 users have taken the Scale. Those reports include:

  • Who Are Our Clients? – Provides demographic information on clients.
  • Where Are Our Clients Starting From? – Provides a summary of client needs.
  • What Challenges Are Our Clients Facing? – Lists the percent of clients reporting the top five challenges.
  • How Have Our Clients Changed? – Provides the percent of clients becoming “employment ready.”
  • How Effective Are Interventions? – Provides program evaluation data for specific interventions.
  • Which Clients? – Lists the clients that need help on a particular factor.

Clients say that they like taking the ERS because:

  • The ERS gives them a chance to say what is going on in their lives and have that taken seriously.
  • They learn what it takes to succeed from the questions they are asked on the ERS.
  • Any action planning is based on their own input (rather than a staff person's decision) so they trust it more.
  • They get a road map for work life success from the ERS Feedback Report.
  • They can see how much progress they are making (when they re-take the ERS), which helps them stay motivated.

You can get additional information from the following downloadable documents by clicking on the relevant country flag:

  • Background Information on the ERS
    •   ERS Background           
  • Definitions and Factors in the Employment Readiness Model
    •   ERS Definitions and Factors            
  • Business Case for Agencies Using the ERS
    •   ERS Business Case for Agencies           
  • Overview for Case Managers
    •   ERS Case Managers           
  • The Employment Readiness Scale™ in the Employment Program of BC [Canada]
    •   ERS in the Employment Program of BC        
  • Use in Strategic Planning and Evaluation
  •                      Strategic Planning and Evaluation          
  • ERS Support for Education-to-Work Transitions

    •   ERS in Post-Secondary Settings             

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