Technical Specifications

The ERS website is optimized to run on a current standards compliant browser (Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 3.5+, Google Chrome 2.0+ or Safari 10.1+) with a high-speed Internet connection such as Cable or DSL.

Valerie G. Ward Consulting Ltd. has co-located the ERS application and database servers at Cyxtera, a tier 1, ISO27001 certified Internet co-location service provider in Vancouver, BC, with monitoring 24x7 by Bayleaf Software to ensure maximum uptime availability to clients. This co-location service also provides the necessary bandwidth as needed so that, coupled with the programming design, the number of users that can access the website simultaneously is virtually unlimited. 

Data in the ERS are protected on several levels.  In addition to daily updates of firewall security, all ERS data resides on a secure, internal Microsoft SQL Server 2016 cluster that is not connected to the Internet. It has a private, non-routable, dedicated connection to the web application servers. All ERS servers sit behind redundant Cisco hardware firewalls, and run the latest anti-virus and associated application security software. Physical access to the servers is controlled by 24/7 monitored security, including Video Surveillance, biometric access controls, building and facility security card access, security personnel and NOC man traps. All server access requires 3-factor authentication and all application developers, database administrators and system administrators hold a Government of Canada security clearance. Bayleaf operates its managed services work in compliance with ISO 27001 standards and the ERS application undergoes a quarterly internal/external PCI scan by an external agency.

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