Becoming Licensed to Use the ERS

We offer two types of licenses:

  • Agency licenses, which govern the administration of the ERS to clients, client coding, and report generation
  • Sponsor licenses, which allow for the comparison of data from a set of Agency licenses

Fees for an ERS license are in three parts:

  • A one-time set-up fee
  • An annual license fee based on the number of Agency and Sponsor licenses purchased
  • A fee per client access code, based on the number of codes purchased
    • Each code allows the client to take the ERS three times, with an upgrade available to six takes.
    • Codes can be carried over from year to year as long as the license is active.

Our licensing process involves the following steps:

  • We prepare a license for your review and signature and email it to you once we have the following information:
    • Legal name of the organization being licensed
    • Address of the organization
    • Number of Agency and Sponsor licenses being purchases
    • Number of client access codes being purchased
    • Name and contact information for the person who will be our main contact, including phone and fax numbers
    • Name and position title of the person with the legal authority to sign the license
  • We prepare an invoice for payment and email it to you.
  • Once we receive an executed signature page and full payment, we create your access to the ERS and send you the codes along with contact information for your Service Affiliate.

If necessary, we can assist you with procurement-related documentation, including a rationale for sole sourcing this service.

As soon as you are licensed, your Service Affiliate will contact you to schedule an implementation planning session as well as the first training session for staff.

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