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Corporate Information

The intellectual property rights to the Employment Readiness Model™ belong to Valerie G. Ward Consulting Ltd., and the intellectual property rights to the online Employment Readiness Scale™ that measures that Model belong to ERS Scale Inc. The development of the Employment Readiness Scale™ and its website were co-funded by Human Resources Development Canada, the British Columbia Ministry of Human Resources, Valerie G. Ward Consulting Ltd., and Service-Growth Consultants Inc.

About the Co-Developers

Valerie G. Ward, M.A., has a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia as well as over 30 years of experience in developing policies, programs, partnerships, and tools to meet the career development and labor market adjustment needs of a wide range of service providers and their clients. She served on the National Steering Committee, developing standards of practice for career development practitioners in Canada and co-authoring the Code of Ethics. Previously, she worked as senior consultant in employment services for Human Resources Development Canada and for the Canadian Career Development Foundation.

Dorothy I. Riddle, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist with a minor in statistics and research methodology. She has worked as a career counselor and taught courses in research methods as well as consulting with a number of governments on workforce development and the design, delivery, and evaluation of employment services.

Reliability of the ERS Website

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Privacy and Confidentiality

We respect the privacy of users of this site and do not track visitor statistics or information on how the website is used. We do maintain account information in our databases so that we can determine whether or not your access codes are valid, bill you for the use of our service, and contact you in the event of upgrades.

We save and retain in our database only clients' total scores by scale factor but not responses to individual items. Both the client and the Agency, but not Sponsors, may access an analysis of a client's results by scale factor. Agencies will also have access to aggregate total scores by scale factor for analysis in reports, but without any personally identifying information. With the consent of an Agency, we provide aggregate information regarding client scores to organizations providing funding to that Agency for analysis in reports, without personally identifying information. We may also analyze and publish data generated by use of the Employment Readiness Scale™ for the purposes of professional research and publication, without disclosing personally identifying information.

Summary of Research Conducted to Validate the ERS

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